How to prepare for your inspection

Getting Ready for your Inspection


Here are some things to consider preparing for before the inspector comes to your home. Please understand that if the inspector can not access all the areas of your home during the initial inspection, a return inspection will be necessary. The cost of a return visit for the inspector may be charged to the seller!

  • Make sure that the water and gas is turned on to the home. This is very important for vacant homes. If any of the utilities have been turned off, the inspection can not be completed.
  • Please remove any covers on the outside AC condenser unit. This must be completely visible for the inspection.
  • Clean and pick up all the rooms in your home. Remove all clutter from the counter tops and empty the sink. You can load your dishwasher, it will be run during inspection. 
  • All appliances will be operated including the stove, oven, ice maker, washer and dryer.
  • Every window will be opened. Please remove vases, nick-nacks, etc from all window ledges. Open the blinds if possible. 
  • Have the garage door opener for (detached garages) and any other remotes out visible for the inspection, including ceiling fan remotes. 
  • The garage attic will need to be inspected. Please make sure the area below the attic hatch is open and the inspector can place a ladder below the hatch area to enter the attic.
  • The garage service door will need to be opened. Please make sure all storage items and belongings are away from the door so that it can be opened properly. 
  • All bathroom sinks and bathtubs/showers will be tested. Please make sure they are accessible. 
  • The upstairs attic will need to be inspected. If the hatch is in a bedroom closet, please make sure it is accessible and a ladder can be placed in the closet. 
  • The furnace and air conditioning will be inspected. Please make sure that these areas are open and all storage and belongings are removed and away from the furnace and hot water tank.  If any of the meters are in secret closets or difficult to see areas of the basement. Please open these doors so the inspector can easily find the main water entry/meter, the gas meter, and electrical panel. 
  • The electrical panels will need to be opened and inspected. Please make sure the area around the panel is open and the inspector can access the panel. The inspector will need to unscrew and remove the cover plate door for proper inspection. 
  • You know your home better than anyone. We need your help. It is everyone’s goal to have this process run as smooth and simple as possible.